Who were your best and worst bosses?


Recently I had to ponder this question because I was thinking of going into management. Personality tests tell me over and over that my type is perfect for management but thinking of myself I laugh at that because I’m introverted, mild mannered, and hardly ever aggressive. I thought, how can I be a manager if I’m not extroverted, loud, and aggressive? But then I realized that thinking was backward.

My thinking was so backward because I’ve had managers in the past that were extroverted, loud, and aggressive. Because of this I thought that’s just how managers are supposed to be. But when I answered that question for myself about who my best and worse bosses were I realized something really important. I hated the managers I had that were loud and aggressive all the time. Then I thought about my current manager and how much I love that woman. And why do I love this manager over the past ones? Because she’s nice, calm, encouraging and most importantly authoritative. To be a manager you don’t have to yell and be harsh with your employees. That’s not the way to gain their respect. To gain respect you have to give it, not force it.

So an introvert or anyone who is afraid to go into management because they’re not the loudest or most forceful would do fine in management if thats something they would be interested in. While as a manager you do have to come out of your office, see whats going on, and deal with any issues that arise you would still be fine because your disposition will have created an environment where people respect you, are willing to work with you, and communicate openly. This kind of disposition can honestly make your job easier because people tend to respond to you how you respond to them.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please don’t hesitate to mention them below.


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