19 things I realized at age 19:

A wide range of ages can benefit from realizing the things on this list. Good stuff here…good stuff.


I’m writing this as a almost 20-year-old (I will be turning 20 in about a month plus a week). I was gonna do “20 things I learned before I turned 20” but I thought that would be too complicated and I have only had this blog through my 19th year so it would make more sense to focus on this year.

1. The biggest thing holding you back is yourself: I had wanted to be a vegetarian for many years but I didn’t think I could do it, I kept making excuses. I even talked about it with my ex and he was like (he’s a non-vegetarian) “yeah, go for it, why not?” and I realized I was the only one holding myself back. This goes for other things too. I decided to teach myself ukulele instead of just wishing I could play but telling myself I couldn’t. Don’t ever…

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