(Please Read) Advice for High-School Seniors from a Soon to be College Grad.


This is another one for my college students or soon to be college students. My advice today is about all those wonderful gen-eds that you have to take before you can take classes that even relate to your major or intended major. My family members always ask me what my one piece of advice for high school seniors would be. Here is my number one most important piece of advice:

Take your general education classes at a community college!

Yes, that means one or two more school years living in your parent’s house, but it is worth it in the end. You will save a ridiculous amount of money by doing that. I know that the money isn’t the most important thing to you at 18-20 y/o but when that does become important in a few years later you’ll wonder how the heck the U.S. government ever let you take out all that money in loans when you had no idea what you were doing. So I’m telling you now, do not take out loans just to get out of your parents house and go away to a university. It’s not worth the extra debt!  Suck it up and deal with them as long as you can…one more year or two more years and then you can be free!

During this time its fine for you to pick the university you want to go to. Go visit the school and everything. Ask them about transferring while you’re at it. Take that year or two to figure out what you want to major and minor in. Talk to the counselor at the community college and tell them what university you plan on going to so they can make sure you’re taking useful and transferrable gen-ed classes. You can even work and save up your money during this time which will allow you to be even more financially stable, mature, and experienced when you finally go away to that university.

I promise you that if you take out loans at 18-20 just to get away from your parents/family members you’ll wake up one day a few years later enraged wondering how the government could let you do something so stupid and pretend like it was perfectly acceptable. I ended up going to a community college by accident for one year and that one year alone saved me $11,000. That’s $11,000 I don’t have to pay back with interest after graduation. Imagine if I had gone to a community college for two years. That’s $22,000 less that I would owe the loan company after graduation. So my advice, take advantage of your community college and take those general education classes. You don’t have to take those at a university. Taking them at a community college will save you thousands of dollars in the end.

If you have and comments, questions, or concerns please don’t hesitate to share them below. And if you found this helpful at all please share it with your family or friends.


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