Appreciate Those Who Want the Best for You.


The people around you that yell at you and get angry with you when you mess up, those are people that care. They’re yelling and upset because they’re invested, not because they don’t love you. It might seem like they don’t love and care about you in the moment but if they really didn’t love or care about you they wouldn’t even bother to yell and be angry.

These people that are always telling you that they’re disappointed and want you to do better are the people you need to hang onto with dear life because these are the people that will support you through whatever. You need people like that in your life. It’s always important to have people in your corner.

But let me tell you something else (and please trust me on this)… if you keep disappointing these people, pushing them away, not accepting their help, and attacking them for wanting better for you they will not be there the next time you look up. A person is only going to take so much stuff from you until they give up and move on with their life. And then who will you have?

You need to appreciate the family and friends that take the time out to scold you. That yelling and anger comes from the heart. They want you to do better because they believe in you and they know you can do it. Don’t push people like that away. Don’t be that person who looks up one day and realizes that your family and friends are avoiding your phone calls because they just can’t deal with you anymore. Because this can and will happen if you don’t appreciate the people that are in your corner right now. Your corner will be empty. So please the next time someone is yelling, the next time someone is angry, the next time someone is disappointed in you realize and appreciate the fact that this person wouldn’t be like this if they didn’t love you and want the best for you.


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